NOW-fertility care coordinator and team leader Michela Colasanti spiega “Perché i pazienti lasciano una clinica di fertilità per andare in un’altra?”

Perché i pazienti lasciano una clinica di fertilità per andare in un'altra?

According to a study presented to the European Society for Human Reproduction (ESHRE) in July 2022, in which 1060 patients were interviewed (February-April 2019), 49% of patients left a clinic due to a communication problem with caregivers of fertility.

Patients say what they value in a fertility clinic and why they stay is:

  • The feeling of having a good relationship with the staff and of being “listened to”.
  • The way the fertility assistant communicates and shows compassion towards them.
  • How the fertility assistant is interested in learning about and exploring treatment options tailored to patients.
  • Good access and good cost.

Hence, the patient-caregiver relationship was the most commonly cited reason for leaving an assisted reproduction clinic, but also the most common reason for staying.

This is what this study supports and according to my personal experience, in which I have been a fertility patient assistant for 7 years, I can only confirm it.

And it is therefore that at NOW-Fertility our team of Care Coordinators is particularly keen on satisfying the service offered to the patient as much as possible.

As a patient’s first contact with NOW-Fertility and as an assistant throughout the difficult journey to fertility, our Care Coordinators are particularly concerned with taking care of the patient.

Our care coordinators offer maximum empathy, unconditional listening to each case without time limits and constant support during the process.

NOW-Fertility provides a team of coordinators who take care to explain all the available options tailored to each specific case, and the possibility of accessing all types of treatment at a sustainable cost.

Thanks to our network of Clinics, in fact, the Care Coordinator will explain to the patient what is the best option to achieve pregnancy at an affordable cost.

NOW-Fertility also offers free psychological support, and easy access to all kinds of information that can help the patient better understand his treatment and carry it out in the most optimal way, both through our website and thanks to our digital platform. .

While, on the one hand, in fact, we have little control over the success of the treatment, on the other hand assisted fertilization clinics have control over the main factor of patient loyalty: the quality of the relationship, and this is what we at NOW-Fertility aim to do. to the best.

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