Why to do an ultrasound scan at the beginning of the cycle?

Why to do an ultrasound scan at the beginning of the cycle?

Several years of experience as a fertility consultant have taught me that regarding IVF, it is for the patients’ benefit if treatment is individualized. IVF monitoring allows us to evaluate every stage of the IVF procedure, so that we can ensure treatment is going as planned. Monitoring begins even before the first stage of IVF, which is ovarian stimulation, starts.

A baseline ultrasound is performed before we start our patients on any stimulation injections, in order to assess the state of the ovaries and pelvic organs before fertility treatment begins. Although the exact day that a baseline scan is performed may vary slightly for each patient, it is generally scheduled right around the time that the patient’s period is expected, or around day one or two of the menstrual cycle. An experienced fertility consultant will obtain information regarding:

  • The orientation of the uterus
  • The presence of fibroids
  • The thickness of the uterus lining
  • The measurement of any follicles
  • Whether there are functional ovarian cysts present

This baseline ultrasound is crucial in our approach to ensure success. Based on its findings the fertility consultant will decide the next stage of your treatment.

Written by: Ioannis Gryparis, Fertility Consultant

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