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NOW-fertility’s vision is to become the leading platform for assisted conception, with a global macrocosm of centres of IVF excellence and satellite clinics. Our virtual IVF consultations, 24/7 patient support and strategic business model for clinic growth and efficiency will be the new blueprint for personalised IVF care.

Our visions & objectives

To be the leading worldwide next generation remote fertility clinic delivering outstanding personalised care and unparalleled patient experience, working with the very best fertility professionals and with sought after licensed centres across the globe.

Our care team

Through our multidisciplinary approach we offer the highest standards of care from experienced and dedicated fertility professionals at each step of your journey to creating your family or to preserve your fertility. 

Information for patients

We have drawn together an in-house team of experienced physicians, nurses, and advisors to work with the world’s best clinics. We have hand-picked these centres of clinical excellence, all with above national average fertility success rates, to create an IVF treatment package which is completely tailored to fit your needs, your location, and your commitments.

Information for clinics

NOW-fertility will be the first worldwide platform for digital fertility treatment, working in collaboration with the best software and systems integration companies. Our ground-breaking model will see us working in conjunction with the very best fertility clinics worldwide.

Join our team

We are now recruiting to join our global multidisciplinary team. Working virtually using our cloud-based digital platform you’ll be empowering patients to make well-informed choices to maximise their chances of a successful pregnancy in the shortest, most stress-free time, through our network of Centres of Excellence and Satellite Clinics.

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NOW-fertility’s commitment is to make fertility care accessible, successful and stress free for patients.

If you are ready to start your journey, book a consultation with one of our experienced fertility consultants.

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Global Clinical Network

NOW-fertility will coordinate the whole treatment cycle and will only associate with the best providers worldwide, made up of licensed Centres of Excellence (with above national average fertility success rates) for assisted conception treatment and outstanding Satellite Clinics for diagnostic and monitoring investigations.  This infrastructure will make the fertility journey considerable quicker, whilst being more tailored, accessible and affordable for patients.

Unicorn NOW Platform

This bespoke and highly secure cloud-based platform is positioned to change the way the millions of people annually who want a baby experience fertility treatment.  We integrate Machine Learning data to prognosticate the best chances of success and use Artificial Intelligence to drive patient engagement.

Reduced timescales

One of the key problems with the current IVF service which NOW-fertility can resolve is the speed we can provide both advice, support and treatment.

Our research indicates we will be able to reduce the time commitment of a patient during the highly stressful period from initial contact to egg collection from 24-30 hours down to 8 hours.


Please complete the form below and a member of our team will contact you with more information.