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Helping you find an egg donor

At NOW-fertility we are highly committed to helping create a family by offering a choice of licensed treatments, personalised care and no waiting times. Donor eggs IVF treatment is an established clinical approach, and the only way for some couples and individuals to achieve a successful pregnancy. 

Finding a suitable egg donor can be overwhelming, take several months, and has no guarantee of the available number of good quality eggs to use for treatment. Using already retrieved mature cryopreserved eggs can eliminate some of the risks and ensure that treatment starts with no delay. 

NOW-fertility offers patients easy access to egg donation through the collaboration with Aphrodite Egg Bank.

We assist you to find the best match out of a pool of readily available and carefully selected donor eggs.

5 benefits of using the egg bank

5 reasons to choose

How does it work?

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Initial virtual consultation with the Egg Donation Coordinator to explain how we can help

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Complete the egg recipient form

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Make payment to NOW-fertility for donor selection and pre-treatment egg donation package

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Egg Donation Coordinator to search and offer carefully selected, matching donor egg options

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Arrange the implications counselling via virtual appointment

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Follow up virtual consultation with the Egg Donation Coordinator to discuss the proposed donor egg options and answer any questions

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Reserve the selected donor eggs from the egg bank

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Egg Donation Coordinator to contact the egg bank to confirm reservation of the donor eggs

Egg Donation Coordinator to pass the details of the IVF clinic to the egg bank

Step 10

Egg Donation Coordinator to confirm that donor eggs have been shipped and safely received by the IVF Clinic

What does the package include?

Cost: £495

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NOW-fertility’s commitment is to make fertility care accessible, successful and stress free for patients.

If you are ready to start your journey, book a consultation with one of our experienced fertility consultants.

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