IVF Refund Guarantee Programme

Multi-cycle packages of IVF for a fixed fee with the surety of your money refunded if you are not successful

It is well established that despite all the available knowledge and state of the art technologies, some patients may need multiple cycles of IVF to get a live birth and a successful outcome cannot be guaranteed. Repeated cycles and the associated extra costs for medications, cryopreservation and storage of embryos can create significant financial pressure in addition to the emotional stress. 

Refund guarantee programmes offer multi-cycle packages of IVF for a fixed fee with the surety of your money refunded if you are not successful.

At NOW-fertility we are dedicated to making your fertility journey as stress-free as possible and are pleased to have partnered with Redia IVF to offer patients undergoing treatment at our Centres of Excellence access to the refund guarantee programmes. Several different options are available, and all of these offer the promise of taking home a baby or your money back.

5 benefits of using the IVF Refund Guarantee Programme

How does it work?

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Patients register with NOW-fertility and have an initial appointment with a Fertility Care Coordinator

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A consultation is arranged with a NOW-fertility Consultant, and if IVF is recommended the refund guarantee programme is offered

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Patients are invited to create a profile on Redia IVF's patient portal

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Patients upload the medical test results requested for eligibility screening

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If eligible, a contract is created on the portal profile and an invoice generated for 50% of the cost of the programme

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The remaining 50% balance payment is made to Redia IVF before the first embryo transfer

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Following the deposit payment Redia IVF informs NOW-fertility and the chosen Centre of Excellence so that the first treatment cycle can be scheduled

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Payments to the Centre for everything included in the programme are made directly by Redia IVF

If the transfer is not successful, patients continue to treatment with subsequent embryo transfer cycles (if there are remaining embryos to transfer) or start a new IVF cycle

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The programme ends with a live birth at any stage. If there is no live birth after all cycles and transfers, patients get a refund from Redia IVF according to the contract


Group 1 Clinics* Group 2 Clinics** Group 3 Clinics*** Group 4 Clinics****
3-cycle 100% refund IVF programme for women below 35 €11,000 €12,500 €15,000 £14,000
3-cycle 100% refund IVF programme for women 35-37 €13,500 €15,000 €17,000 £16,500
3-cycle 50% refund IVF programme for women 38-39 €16,000 €19,000 €21,000 £21,000
3-cycle 100% egg donation programme for women up to 50 €13,500 €15,500 €17,500 £21,000
3-cycle 100% combined IVF programme for women up to 43 €21,000 €25,000 €28,000 £26,000

(Combined IVF has the first cycle with own eggs + PGT-A and the remaining cycles with egg donation if there is no live birth in the first cycle)

All programmes can be combined with sperm donation at an extra cost.

*        Group 1 Clinic – Artvimed (Poland)

**      Group 2 Clinics – Hygeia (Greece), Centrum Clinic (Turkey), Centro HERA (Italy)

***    Group 3 Clinics – Eugin Barcelona (Spain),  Eugin Madrid (Spain),  Bnoon (Saudi Arabia),  HealthPlus (Saudi Arabia)

****  Group 4 Clinic – IVI London (UK)

Clinics in Turkey and Saudi Arabia do not offer donation programmes.

What is included

Add on programmes

Points of note

  • Medical eligibility criteria apply for inclusion in all programmes 
  • Consultations before starting IVF treatment are not included
  • Screening tests that need to be done to confirm eligibility are not included 
  • After a live birth, the programme ceases, as does the possibility of a refund
  • NOW-fertility cycle management fees (for fresh IVF and frozen embryo transfer cycles) are not included in the IVF refund programme

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NOW-fertility’s commitment is to make fertility care accessible, successful and stress free for patients.

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