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We believe that providing expert-sourced information on legal matters related to assisted reproduction is of fundamental importance for our patients in certain circumstances. The regulatory aspects of fertility treatment provision, ethical dilemmas, human rights matters and the challenges of cross-border treatment can all require addressing from a legal aspect.

Our partnership with the specialist life sciences team at Dubai-based BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP gives you access to the specialist knowledge that will help you to make fully informed and legally compliant decisions about your fertility treatment.

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About our partner

Who is BSA?

BSA is a regional law firm in the Middle East with 9 offices across 5 countries. Our diverse team of 150 lawyers are from 35 different cultural backgrounds and can speak 22 languages.

What makes BSA different?

Our client care: we are trusted counsellors who provide flexibility, strength of expertise, dynamic fee structures and a focus on personal relationships. Our clients appreciate that they will receive clear advice with strategic recommendations including any potential risks.

James Clarke

About James Clarke

UK qualified lawyer James Clarke will lead the team responsible for NOW-fertility clients. James has been a partner in leading healthcare and life sciences sector specialist law firms for over 14 years and a sector specialist for over 23 years.

He has a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice and is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales.

How does it work?


Client Disclaimer Notice

Notice (‘notice’) to clients of NOW-fertility (‘client’, ‘clients’) regarding information obtainable upon request regarding legal and regulatory aspects of fertility services provided or to be provided by NOW-fertility (‘information’).

NOW-fertility retains the services of leading regional law firm BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP (‘BSA’) in respect of legal services that may be required by NOW-fertility solely for its own benefit from time to time.

Where a client of NOW-fertility requests information as referred to above, NOW-fertility may, upon request from a client together with payment of any agreed fees, request BSA to provide NOW-fertility with information.  NOW-fertility may in turn pass that information (or elements of it) on to a client of NOW-fertility in order to assist that client in the making of decisions pertinent to the services provided (or to be provided) to them by NOW-fertility.

No relationship will be created between any NOW-fertility client and BSA as a result of this arrangement, and no duty of care will be adopted by BSA to any client of NOW-fertility.  

The following process will apply where a client seeks information as described above.  

(1)  Submission of request for information

A request for information should be made to and agreed with NOW-fertility.  This request will be passed to BSA who may in turn consult its own panel of relevant experts in order to help to answer the request.

By completing and submitting a request for information, the client consents and agrees as follows:

  • NOW-fertility may forward your request, which includes sensitive personal data, to BSA who may in turn transfer your request or elements of it to its own panel of relevant experts subject to the putting in place of applicable confidentiality obligations and compliance with legal requirements;
  • to receive electronic messages from NOW-fertility, to provide further information that may help you with your request; and
  • to receive telephone communications (if a telephone number was provided by you, and where applicable) from NOW-fertility in respect of the same.

Clients are responsible to undertake their own due diligence before relying on any information provided by NOW-fertility which it has sourced from BSA. NOW-fertility is not responsible for the information sourced from BSA.

(2)  NOW-fertility, through this element of its services, provides information, not legal or regulatory advice

Any information sourced in this manner does not constitute advice of any form and should not be treated as legal or regulatory advice on any subject matter.  If you require such advice, you should contact an independent lawyer or law firm with appropriate expertise.

(3)  Permitted use of any information provided

The information on is provided for general informational purposes only.

(4)  Prohibited Use

A client may not:

  • rely on the information, use the information, or treat the information as legal or regulatory advice;
  • use the information in any manner whatsoever, other than for general informational purposes; or
  • sell, re-package or distribute the information or any part of it in any manner whatsoever, without receiving prior written consent from NOW-fertility.

Engaging in such prohibited use may lead to liability on the part of the client. NOW-fertility is authorized to take legal and equitable measures to stop such prohibited use and be reimbursed for damages, from the client, should such prohibited use result in a loss or liability to NOW-fertility.

(5)  No Warranties

The information is provided without any representations or warranties, express or implied. While NOW-fertility tries to ensure the accuracy of the information, NOW-fertility cannot guarantee that all of the information is accurate at all times. Laws and regulation change quickly and the client should always take extra measures to ensure that information of any sort is up-to-date. This is not the responsibility of NOW-fertility or BSA. The client should never assume that this information applies to his or her specific situation at all material times and should never act or refrain from acting on the basis of any content included in the information without consulting appropriate independent legal counsel. The content of the information is not to be construed as legal advice or legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances and does not constitute or create a lawyer-client relationship, with NOW-fertility, BSA or otherwise. NOW-fertility does not necessarily endorse, and is not responsible for, any information that may be sourced through this service.

NOW-fertility does not guarantee the accuracy of Google Translate or any other translation service that may be used by a client to interpret any information sourced through this service.

(6)  Professional Advice and Fees

Clients must not rely on the information as an alternative to legal advice from an independent lawyer, other professional services provider, or expert. If a client has any specific questions about any legal matter, the client should consult an independent lawyer, other professional services provider, or expert. Clients should never delay seeking legal advice, disregard legal advice, or commence or discontinue any legal action because of information provided through this service. Clients will be directly responsible for the fees of any such advice they seek.

The governing law of this notice shall be the substantive law of non-DIFC Dubai and the UAE Federal Laws.

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