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NOW-fertility partners with IVF Support UAE

21st March 2023

NOW-fertility is pleased to announce a new partnership with IVF Support UAE, a patient support organisation providing information on all topics fertility and assisted conception-related for women based within the United Arab Emirates.

17th February 2023

NOW-fertility is delighted to partner with our first Centre of Excellence in the United States with the addition of Pozitivf Fertility in San Antonio, Texas, to our portfolio. Opened in March 2022 by a team with combined experience of over 60 years in the field, Pozitivf represents a new approach to fertility care with a mission to simplify treatment and make it more accessible, at a lower cost than the average cost for comparable treatment at other licensed clinics within the US.

21st December 2022

NOW-fertility is delighted to partner with our first clinic in Africa with the addition of  Polyclinique Les Jasmins, Tunisia, to our portfolio. Located close to the centre of Tunis and 10 minutes from the international airport, the clinic provides high quality, low cost IVF and is easily accessible from Europe as well as the African continent.

22th November 2022

NOW-fertility are delighted to invite patients based in the UAE to an event showcasing fertility educational resources. Supported by Merck, Igenomix and IVF Support UAE, a group offering help to those with infertility, the meeting takes place on Friday 25th November from 10am – 4pm at the Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai.

10th November 2022

NOW-fertility are pleased to celebrate November’s fertility awareness month by hosting an educational event ‘Fertility Connected Care Ecosystem’ in collaboration with Notre Dame University-Iouaize, Lebanon.

9th November 2022

NOW-fertility’s Professor Luciano Nardo joined Merck during the European Fertility Week to discuss infertility and what impact age can have on it. He also discussed the changes in fertility treatment over the years and his hopes for the future in the field of fertility.

30th September 2022

In the latest publication of Fertility Road Magazine, Professor Luciano Nardo discussed the do’s and don’ts of embryo transfer, and how to best prepare for it. 

26th August 2022

NOW-fertility is pleased to welcome fertility group Eugin Spain to its impressive and growing portfolio of Centres of Excellence.
9th September 2022

After two recent studies suggested that green tea can increase sperm concentration and motility, NOW-fertility consultant Nicolas Darazi was invited by Giddy, described as ‘The World’s Largest Sexual Health Platform’, to discuss the suggestions.

26th August 2022

The clinic, based in Ankara, Turkey, combines 20 years of experience and expertise with state-of-the-art technology – completing more than 2,000 IVF cycles per year.

3rd August 2022

Centro HERA – UMR Center, one of Italy’s premier fertility clinics, has joined NOW-fertility’s growing portfolio of international Centres of Excellence.

2nd August 2022

NOW-fertility is very happy to welcome ARTVIMED Krakow to the NOW-fertility portfolio of Centres of Excellence – the first in Poland.

1st August 2022

Experienced fertility nurse Anna Balchan has joined the NOW-fertility team, supporting patients undergoing assisted conception treatment cycles. 

14th July 2022

NOW-fertility was featured in an article on the website Giddy, in which Professor Luciano Nardo discussed the difficulties many couples have conceiving for the second time after having no apparent issues getting pregnant first time around. 

1st July 2022

NOW-fertility has welcomed Athens-based Hygeia IVF Embryogenesis to its growing portfolio of centres of clinical excellence. 

1st July 2022

In the latest publication of Fertility Road Magazine, Professor Luciano Nardo discussed the affect of age on both female and male fertility, and what impact this may have on IVF.

24th June 2022

NOW-fertility is pleased to announce the appointment of HealthPlus as its first Centre of Excellence for NOW-fertility. The leading fertility clinic will be contributing to the far reaching provision of assisted conception treatment services to NOW-fertility’s patients.

Anna Sofie Holst appointed Compliance Manager for NOW-fertility

6th June 2022

NOW-fertility is pleased to announce the appointment of Anna Sofie Holst as Compliance Manager. Anna Sofie is a public health professional with a background in reproductive health research and has previously worked for WHO/Europe in digital health.

27th May 2022

NOW-fertility was featured on the website Giddy, which is described as ‘The World’s Largest Sexual Health Platform’, in an article covering the impact of mumps on sperm parameters and male infertility.

Top 5 Tips On Sperm Donation By Choice As A Single Woman By NOW-fertility

24th May 2022

NOW-fertility founder, Luciano Nardo, was invited by Baby Bloomberg to give his top 5 tips for single women considering sperm donation, discussing clinic selection, investigations, treatment options and more.

Fertility expert shares what foods will help you get pregnant

11th May 2022

NOW-fertility was this week featured in an article on the New York Post website which covered how diet, nutrition and health choices can impact your chances of getting pregnant. 

As Kourtney Kardashian struggles to fall pregnant, are there any ways you can increase your chances?

22nd April 2022

NewsChain reports on Kourtney Kardashian’s struggles to get pregnant after she opened up about her experiences of IVF on a recent episode of The Kardashians. NOW-fertility founder, Luciano Nardo was invited to talk about the things you can do to boost your chances of conceiving, including reducing stress; and lifestyle choices.

Technology continues to transform fertility treatment

19th April 2022

In professor Nardo’s latest column with The UK Newspaper, he discussed the continuing impact of technology on fertility treatment, increasing success rates and equality in healthcare. 

Digital fertility platform opens to patients

6th April 2022

Maria Davies of LaingBuisson discusses the launch of our first services to patients and our backing by Microsoft for Startups. 

Dr Antoine Abu Musa appointed Chief Medical Officer for NOW-fertility

6th April 2022

NOW-fertility is pleased to announce Dr Antoine Abu Musa joining the corporation as Chief Medical Officer.

NOW-fertility partners Microsoft for Start-Ups 
to transform fertility treatment delivery

30th March 2022 – the new, ground-breaking digital fertility platform, is set to go live with the backing of cloud-based business incubator Microsoft for Startups.

Dr Nicolas Darazi appointed Medical Director (Middle East Region) for NOW-fertility

21st March 2022

NOW-fertility is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Nicolas Darazi as Medical Director for the Middle East Region.

The truth about IVF and the menopause after Kourtney Kardashian’s claims

16th March 2022

Ellie Cambridge from The Sun speaks to NOW-fertility founder, Professor Luciano Nardo about Kourtney Kardashian’s claims that IVF drugs sparked an early menopause.

I’m a fertility expert and these are the 9 things you should do NOW if you want kids in 5 years’ time

10th March 2022

NOW-fertility founder, Professor Luciano Nardo speaks to The Sun about the 9 things both men and women can do in preparation for trying to start a family in the next 5 years.

18th February 2022

Femtech World talks to NOW-fertility’s new chief strategy officer, Andrew Coutts, about how our new service “will allow patients, wherever they may reside, access to the best clinicians and clinics available”.

15th February 2022

Femtech World discusses our new platform and how it will offer personalised consultancy to fertility patients via multi-lingual fertility physicians, nurses and counsellors.

15th February 2022

After Naomi Campbell introduced her daughter to the world in a new British Vogue cover story recently, NOW-fertility were asked by the Mail Online to discuss the chances of natural conception at 50.

14th February 2022

Vanessa Chalmers talks to NOW-fertility founder Luciano Nardo about the impact of age on fertility for both men and women, and what ages you need to be thinking about having a biological child.

Andrew Coutts appointed Chief Strategy Officer for NOW-fertility

2nd February 2022

NOW-fertility is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Coutts as Chief Strategy Officer.

NOW-fertility announces new chief strategy officer

27th January 2022

Lee Cavendish of LaingBuisson discusses our recent appointment of Chief Strategy Officer Andrew Coutts.

Investigations are essential before embarking on IVF treatment

31st January 2022

In professor Nardo’s second column with The UK Newspaper, he discussed the importance of investigations and identifying any underlying issues before undergoing assisted conception.

Microsoft-backed start up shaking up IVF market

27th January 2022

Technology Magazine featured NOW-fertility in a recent article covering the acceleration of digital healthcare and the vital role of Total Experience (TX) in helping provide superior care levels.

Best Business Ideas for 2022: Healthtech

24th January 2022

NOW-fertility was featured on as one of the best Healthtech business ideas for 2022. The article focused on medication, care apps, telemedicine and of course, fertility. 

Vanishing twin syndrome

Mirror & Yahoo! Life - Vanishing Twin Syndrome articles

24th January 2022

Professor Nardo was asked to give his expert opinion on vanishing twin syndrome in articles for both the Mirror and Yahoo! Life UK.

Male fertility tests: options and when to seek help

21st January 2022

NOW-fertility founder, Professor Luciano Nardo speaks with Mother & Baby Magazine about male fertility, and shares his expertise about male fertility testing. He discusses what factors can affect male fertility, the tests available and when to seek professional help.

Digital Fertility Platform to Shake up IVF Industry

13th January 2022

Business Express featured NOW-fertility, describing our new platform as “ground-breaking” and talked to Professor Nardo about core principles of NOW-fertility and the benefits to both patients and fertility clinics.

Online Babies

13th January 2022

Professor Luciano Nardo talked to Pick Me Up! magazine about the dangers of women seeking out donors online as opposed to sperm donation from a traditional fertility clinic. 

Meet The Pioneering Startups Reinventing Global Fertility Treatment

12th January 2022

The global wellness news platform WELLTODO covered NOW-fertility and the transformative shift to online fertility care through a blend of “always on” virtual support, combined with the physical care offered by IVF centres of clinical excellence.

How to choose a fertility clinic and what to ask at your first appointment

6th January 2022

In NOW-fertility founder Professor Nardo’s opening column with the The UK Newspaper, he put together a simple checklist to help anyone considering assisted conception to understand what to look for in a clinic, plus how to prepare for their first consultation.

The Technology Trends to Watch in 2022

1st January 2022

We were invited to talk to Digital Bulletin about the tech trends to watch out for in 2022 and specifically providing a ‘total experience’ to our patients, clinics and platform users.

Digital healthcare start-up to launch new fertility pathways
30th November 2021

Maria Davies of LaingBuisson discusses how NOW-fertility is going to revolutionise fertility care pathways for patients across the UK and beyond.

IVF: How NHS funding for fertility treatment is becoming harder to access in the UK

29th October 2021 recently reported on the difficulty in accessing NHS funding for fertility treatment in England and they asked fertility expert and NOW-fertility founder, Professor Luciano Nardo to give his opinion and predictions for the future.

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