Egyptian IVF Center

- Cairo, Egypt


NOW-fertility’s partner clinic in Egypt is the oldest, largest and most experienced provider in the country, renowned for its specialised fertility services and ground-breaking research.

The Egyptian IVF Center offers fertility treatment to patients from Egypt, the Middle East and Europe, and remains committed to providing personalised, comprehensive and cutting-edge care for every patient on their fertility journey.


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Background & core activities

Egyptian IVF Center was established in 1986 by internationally renowned fertility specialists Professor Mohamed Aboulghar, Dr Ragaa Mansour and Professor Gamal Serour. For over 35 years it has provided high quality IVF at affordable costs. It is the only IVF centre in Egypt to date to have achieved the ISO 9001 certification for quality management and the only one in the country to use the RI Witness electronic witnessing system in the laboratory, which was completely updated in the Summer of 2022.

The team of over 120 highly experienced multilingual fertility professionals, speaking English, French and Swedish as well as Arabic, are dedicated to providing couples with the support and technical expertise to help them to conceive a child. In 2022 they carried out 4,993 fresh IVF cycles and 2,500 frozen embryo transfers.

Services offered:

  • Ovulation induction
  • Monitoring ovulation
  • 4D Ultrasound
  • IVF
  • ICSI
  • IUI
  • Oocyte vitrification
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Antenatal care
  • Semen analysis
  • Cryosemen
  • Sex selection
  • PGD
  • Karyotyping
  • Screening for Thalassaemia and other common genetic diseases

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