London Women’s Clinic

- London, United Kingdom


London Women’s Clinic Harley Street brings together leading IVF professionals from across the globe to provide exceptional fertility care, supported by world-class laboratories with outstanding success rates.

Background & core activities

Established in 1985, London Women’s Clinic Harley Street offers a full range of fertility services including IVF, ICSI, egg freezing, sperm freezing, surrogacy, embryo genetic testing, fertility investigations and support for LGBTQIA+ communities through services such as their Shared Motherhood treatment programme.

Staffed by a highly experienced multidisciplinary team, the clinic offers NOW-fertility patients easy access to donor eggs and donor sperm through their own egg and sperm banks. 

The egg bank  offers a large database of  UK-recruited egg donors. In accordance with UK legislation all donors are non-anonymous, meaning that they have provided identifiable personal information that can be shared with children born as a result of their donation once they reach the age of consent.  The sperm bank is the UK’s leading provider of donated sperm.

Quality Standards

  • ISO
  • CQC
  • HFEA Accredited Facility

Centre Location

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Our commitment is to make fertility care accessible, successful and stress free for patients.

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