A fresh approach to pricing fertility treatment

Finance can be a major issue for people considering IVF. In the UK, there is some state funding, but how much varies from NHS Trust to NHS Trust, so many people choose to pay for private care.

A key barrier for most people is the uncertainty around how many treatment cycles they might need before they have a baby. There is also the question of what happens when patients fail to meet payment terms but might be grieving an unsuccessful outcome; or who is responsible for the final bill if a couple separates as a result of the pressure and stress of trying to conceive.

Usually, any finance arrangement offered is via a third party because IVF clinics cannot offer financial services or advice to patients that could potentially cause a conflict of interest.

It is much better that clinics and finance options remain separate, so the best solution is for clinics to work with an independent party that will only take care of the financial side of treatment.

NOW-fertility, launching in Spring 2022, is set to transform the way fertility treatment is delivered, and how it is priced. We will match your particular needs and requirements to the best clinic with the expertise and experience in the specific fertility therapeutic area you need, and ensure you receive personalised IVF care and support, 24-hours per day, seven days per week, while also taking an innovative approach to how our patients are charged for their treatment.

We will offer a transparent, fixed-priced service so that patients know from the outside what the cost will be. We believe this will be another important feature of NOW-fertility’s digital IVF service, removing much of the stress and worry that can be associated with fertility treatment.

To find out more about how NOW-fertility’s digital fertility clinic could benefit you, please do contact us.

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