NOW-fertility: The future of fertility treatment delivery

NOW-fertility’s next-generation platform will offer a considerably faster, and more personalised fertility journey for patients, and a more efficient model for clinics

A world first

In digital fertility treatment

Fertility Portal

Leading-edge technology

Purpose-built, cloud-based systems and software

Doctors - Clinic

Global collaboration

Empowering patients and increasing efficiency

Revolutionising the assisted conception journey

NOW-fertility will be the first worldwide platform for digital fertility treatment, working in collaboration with the best software and systems integration companies.

Revolutionising the assisted conception journey

Centres of Excellence

NOW-fertility’s ground-breaking model will see us working in conjunction with the very best fertility clinics worldwide.

How we work

NOW-fertility’s in-house team of specialist physicians, nurses and advisors will match each patient with one of our trusted clinics, according to their medical condition and location.

Most appointments will be conducted via virtual consultations, plus telephone and online guidance and information.

All ultrasound scans, blood tests and monitoring investigations will be carried out close to the patient’s home or work via our network of outstanding satellite clinics, always closely monitored by NOW‑fertility’s expert team.

NOW-fertility will be an innovative, secure, cloud-based platform for all device management, healthcare workflows and client-management needs. 


Why partner

The benefits for patients and clinics

Geographical expansion through access to additional volume of national and international patients

Increased productivity and efficiency, as patients will only need to visit the clinic when requiring expert care, laboratory services or high-end theatre

Inclusion into an exclusive, worldwide platform of highly-rated, expert providers

Knowledge sharing of skills and best practice

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Revolutionising assisted fertility journeys

Our cloud-based platform will offer clinics – and their patients, a revolutionary approach to assisted conception journeys. 

Integrating Machine Learning data to prognosticate the best chances of success, and using Artificial Intelligence to drive patient engagement, NOW-fertility’s next-generation technology is positioned to change fertility treatment for the millions of people annually who want a baby; and the clinics delivering fertility services.

37% of the global IVF market is within Europe, so this is where NOW-fertility will concentrate its initial clusters of activity. As the business grows, we intend to broaden our reach to the majority of the developed world.

Centres of Excellence

We will provide affordable care at the very best clinics, 24/7 multi-lingual support via either mobile, smart devices or web-based tools through our purpose-built platform to give patients control of their own treatment cycle: all with no waiting times.

This means we are now looking to select clinical centres of excellence based on their above national average fertility success rates. We will guide NOW-fertility patients through to those clinics as part of collaboration agreements. 

Clinics working with NOW-fertility will be able to reach more prospective patients across many different territories, while introducing online capabilities and e-commerce to their practice.

We believe this will increase the number of patients who can access fertility treatment, as we are concentrating on vastly improving and personalising the patient’s journey.


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