NOW-fertility: More IVF Babies. Less Stress

The future of fertility treatment delivery for clinics worldwide

NOW-fertility’s Mission

To transform the IVF treatment cycle, making NOW-fertility the go-to portal for individuals and couples wanting a personalised and supportive fertility journey, with wide access of services and high success rates.

NOW-fertility offers virtual consultations and links to IVF clinics around the world. We are changing the way millions of people with infertility choose to have a baby.

NOW-fertility’s Vision​

To be the leading worldwide online clinic for fertility treatment, giving patients expert recommendations, wide access, best management and constant reassurance to help them reach the joy of having a baby one day.

NOW-fertility’s Goals

The global IVF market

Every year circa 48 million couples are affected by infertility and there are 2.5 million IVF cycles performed worldwide. NOW-fertility expects demand for assisted conception treatments to continue to increase in the future.

This rise will be influenced by a range of factors and trends: better understanding of fertility problems, late family planning, availability of clinics, new technologies and devices, cost-effectiveness, safety and increasing success rates.

Why launch an online fertility clinic?

In today’s economic climate and empowered society, the need for greater accessibility, affordability and personalised practice takes on renewed importance.

In other market sectors, a wide range of small and large companies have leveraged e-commerce to reach new audiences or to create new ways of delivering traditional products and services better tailored to consumer needs and preferences. The novel approach to business is to take the service to the consumer and provide a better experience.  Healthcare is no exception.

New world order

Digital transformation is touching every aspect of healthcare delivery and provision; it is apparent that the Covid-19 pandemic has only served to accelerate this. The way in which clinics share information and engage with patients has changed, and the scope of services has evolved.

The industry-wide movement to online and remote services has been transformative and there are a number of new steps all clinics, professionals and regulators can take to meet the new challenges and opportunities.

Through digitalisation, healthcare professionals can improve efficiencies, as well as communicate with their patients, support, and advise them whenever required, and offer a more convenient and faster experience.

NOW-fertility is ahead of market development, with a model that will make the first worldwide online clinic and concierge for fertility treatment.

Current IVF clinic model

Each clinic generates leads from referrals and marketing spend. However, patients rarely understand which clinic is suited to their medical history, or which clinics have the shortest waiting times or which clinic operates under a law that allows the treatment they need or want.

At the same time, patients wish to be treated by a reputable consultant within a state of the art clinic but that often means they have to wait, and don’t have access to 24/7 expert support and advice.

The future with NOW-fertility

We offer IVF cycles at top-performing partner clinics worldwide, with no waiting times. NOW-fertility patients are uniquely offered virtual, accessible, and affordable care, with guaranteed availability and response.

Clinics benefit from an additional volume of patients, meaning they have another source of referral without the associated costs for marketing, consultations, cycle management and administrative overheads.

More fertility journeys

NOW-fertility is not intending to draw market share away from current clinics. In fact, via the multi-country approach NOW-fertility aims to raise awareness about the availability of fertility treatments, increase the flow of patients between countries and high-performing clinics – those with above average national success rates.

NOW-fertility’s approach improves margins for partner clinics, and reduces the financial commitment to marketing and advertising.

NOW-fertility’s USPs


NOW-fertility uses the latest and best cloud-based platforms to provide secure and easy ways of communication and clinical care.


NOW-fertility co-ordinates the treatment cycle, working with the best licensed Centres of Excellence where the procedures are carried out. This approach makes the fertility journey considerably quicker and more personalised.


NOW-fertility’s experience is that the time commitment of patients during the highly stressful period from when they begin to think about IVF to starting treatment is reduced from 24-30 hours to 8 hours. This dramatic time reduction helps to reduce the tension and anxiety felt by patients.

NOW-fertility: the benefits

For clinics:

For patients:



NOW-fertility’s pricing structure is based on national prices that we check with partner clinics in the country in which we operate.

We aim to make assisted conception treatment more accessible and affordable, whilst reducing the additional stress caused by costs and financial uncertainty. We partner with a regulated and established insurance provider to offer the opportunity to enrol in the refund programme.

Leading the future of healthcare

NOW-fertility is a Microsoft for Start-ups Program corporation employing the latest available software to develop and support the bespoke features-filled and interactive platform for patients and clinics.

Leading the future of healthcare

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NOW-fertility’s commitment is to make fertility care accessible, successful and stress free for patients.

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