Online fertility consultation service launched

NOW-fertility.com – the new, ground-breaking digital fertility platform is poised to change the face of assisted conception with a digital IVF portal blending ‘always-on’ virtual consultancy and support, with physical care from IVF centres of clinical excellence and local satellite clinics for investigations, ultrasound scans and blood tests to minimise the stress and time needed away from work and life commitments.

The first element of the ground breaking project – NOW-fertility’s online consultation service – is now live.  For anyone considering fertility treatment but who is not sure if it’s for them, or have had unsuccessful treatment in the past, it is now possible to speak directly to one of NOW-fertility’s experienced Patient Care Co-ordinators for free.  They will listen carefully to the details of each individual case and fully explain all the available treatment options.

No matter what time it is or where the caller is based NOW-fertility’s multi-lingual Patient Co-ordinators will be able to speak to them in their preferred language.   This initial consultation is free of charge and during the session they will be able to guide prospective patients to the clinic and Fertility Specialist who would be most appropriate for them to consult – and arrange all the appointment details.

Following the consultation with the Fertility Specialist a personalised, no-obligation, treatment plan based on the prospective patient’s specific needs will be created. If and when the decision is made to go ahead with fertility treatment, NOW-fertility will make a referral to one of its partner centres of clinical excellence, chosen for their expertise, high success rates and excellent standards of patient care and support. 

Embarking on fertility treatment is one of the most significant, and perhaps most daunting, life decisions many couples and individuals will ever make. It can be emotionally challenging and physically stressful, that’s why NOW-fertility is committed to making fertility treatment more accessible and less stressful for patients. 

NOW-fertility offers an expert, dedicated team throughout the fertility journey, personalised treatment plans and 24/7 multilingual support and advice and this unique, innovative approach is designed to improve the chances of a successful fertility journey. Virtual consultations and appointments, backed by telephone and online guidance, mean fewer clinic visits, so less time off work or travelling.  The service also makes investigations, ultrasound scans and blood tests easier by booking you in with one of our network of outstanding satellite clinics close to the patient’s home.  All the results are shared live with the team, so they can make all the important decisions with the patient.  

The organisation’s research indicates that they will be able to reduce patient’s time commitment during the highly stressful period from when they begin to think about fertility treatment to starting treatment, from 24-30 hours to 8 hours. This dramatic time reduction will help reduce tension and anxiety felt by many patients.

NOW-fertility also offers guaranteed response times to patient queries to offer greater peace-of-mind.  To arrange a free consultation please visit https://now-fertility.com/consultation/

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